Volume 2 - 2014

Application of Quantum Dots to the Study of Liposome Targeting in Leishmaniasis and Malaria

Alba Pujol, Patricia Urbán, Cristina Riera, Roser Fisa, Israel Molina, Fernando Salvador, Joan Estelrich, Xavier Fernàndez-Busquets
Publication date: January 2014
Page(s): 1-8
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.001
Cited by: 1

Prospective Application of A3B3C62 Type Semiconductors for Developing Nano-size Electronic Devices

Arif Pashaev, Arif Badalov, Rauf Sardarly, Oktay Samedov, Nurana Alieva, Rayiha Agayeva, Aygun Orujova, Arzu Sardarli
Publication date: March 2014
Page(s): 9-17
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.002

Alignment of Needle TiO2 Nanoparticles in Water

Atsushi Hasegawa, Masamitsu Yoshiki, Tsuguhito Nakano, Kohji Abe,Susumu Sato, Tetsu Yonezawa
Publication date: March 2014
Page(s): 18-23
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.003

Which Gloves Are Efficient To Protect Against Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles In Work Conditions?

Ludwig Vinches, Stéphane Hallé, Caroline Peyrot, Kevin J. Wilkinson
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 24-29
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.004
Cited by: 4

Numerical Investigations of Heat Transfer Performance of Nanofluids in a Flat Plate Solar Collector

E. Ekramian, S. Gh. Etemad, M. Haghshenasfard
Publication date: October 2014
Page(s): 30-39
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.005
Cited by: 7

Clathrate Hydrate Formation and Micellization of Tetrabutylammonium 10-Undecenoate

Clifford E. Larrabee Jr., Mary R. Warmin, Melissa J. Howard
Publication date: December 2014
Page(s): 40-45
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.006
Cited by: 4

Toward Integrating Nanotechnology in the K-12 Science Curriculum: A Note of Hope in the State of the Union

Marinelle Ringer
Publication date: December 2014
Page(s): 46-52
DOI: 10.11159/ijtan.2014.007
Cited by: 1