Smart Nanostructured Materials: From Modeling to Advanced Application


Dr. Domenico Lombardo
CNR–IPCF, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto per i Processi Chimico Fisici, Italy


The design and development of novel materials with spatial organization into ordered nanoscale morphologies, is one of the fast-growing discipline fields of modern research. The development of specific chemical structures and the use of supramolecular interactions can favourite the formation of novel structural features which are able to undergo a dynamic change in their properties (in response to their environment or a stimulus), that can be exploited for advanced applications in nanotechnology. Leading examples of smart nanomaterials can be found in biological systems where assemblies of different building blocks and their integrated actions allow the performance of highly specific functions in living organisms. We invite researchers to contribute original research articles as well as review articles that investigate the synthesis, characterization, modeling and applications of macromolecular systems, that can be considered as versatile examples for the development of a new generation of advanced functional materials in a wide range of disciplines including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agricultural, catalysis, and environmental science.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Synthesis, surface chemistry development, and characterization of novel (macro)molecules and smart nanostructured materials
  • Basic properties and self-assembly processes of macromolecules (from nano- to micro-structures) in bulk phases, surfaces, and interfaces
  • Theoretical modeling and computer simulation studies of new problems in nanomaterial science
  • Novel supramolecular assemblies for nano-architectonic material applications, including microelectronics and energy production/storage processes, food, cosmetics, agricultural, drug-delivery, tissue engineering and nanomedicine applications.

Related Topic Keywords

Nanomaterials synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry, Self-assembly, Theory and Computer Simulation of nanomaterials, Nanomaterials Applications